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IndependentMedia is the result of an ambitious seven-year-old girl who was first captivated by the power of moving pictures. That transformative moment would ignite a life-long passion and a profound belief in the boundless power of a good story.

Years later, the commercial production born of that passion would devote itself to telling those stories, breaking down barriers, and empowering creative talent to share their unique craft. IndependentMedia fosters an environment where each director is given the freedom to approach creative along their own path, and where clients and brands who want to be bold and have their ideas heard, can find a home.

A certified woman-owned company informed by 20+ years of professional experience in the entertainment industry, IndependentMedia represents a roster of diverse, award-winning directors who work at the dynamic intersection of film, television, advertising, and new media. Our penchant for collaborating with multidisciplinary artists is a testament to the tenacity and loyalty with which we approach each-and-every project. We fearlessly celebrate independent thought and the independent spirit, and we work tirelessly to protect the essence of a creative idea, nurturing and supporting it as we ensure each director executes their vision.

By pushing creativity forward, we make films that captivate audiences, shape our modern culture, and resonate for years to come. Everyday we continue our mission of sharing a passion for true storytelling and empowering the creative ideas that are the future of IndependentMedia.

Academy Awards - The Oscars
Cannes Film Festival
Emmy Awards
Venice Film Festival
Clio Awards
AICP Awards
Golden Globe Awards
New York Film Festival
D&AD Awards
Communication Arts
Doug Liman *
Greg Daniels *
Guillermo Arriaga *
Isabel Bethencourt *
Jamie Babbit *
Janusz Kaminksi *
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