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David Ayer

U.S. Air Force "Moments"

Suicide Squad "Bat Chase"

Bright "Killing Fairy"

U. S. Air Force "Helmet"

Whether directing a commercial campaign or a feature film, every frame David shoots pulses with an undeniable level of realism. In David’s stories, heroes and villains are often indistinguishable; both wear camouflage – badges, uniforms, even harlequin makeup.

But David scrapes away the line separating good from bad, reminding us that truly great characters and grounded stories are never black and white, they’re a shiny bruise of both. A self-taught screenwriter, David’s experience growing up in the gang-controlled streets of South Central L.A. directly informed his writing of Training Day – for which Denzel Washington won the Academy Award – and The Fast and the Furious, establishing the tone, style and authentic urban cadence of what would become one of Hollywood’s biggest franchises.

As a director, David’s personal experiences shaped his sensibilities and sharpened his senses to focus on the coarse details of life, both on and off the screen. David’s muscular visual style – from restrained and bold to subjective, handheld vérité – spars with the powerful subjects in his movies, television and commercials.

Whether on a ride along with Will Smith and his alien partner in Bright, shoulder-to-shoulder with a tank battalion led by Brad Pitt surviving the last days of WWII in Fury, or following Margot Robbie and a team of supervillains through a monster-occupied city in Suicide Squad, David consistently proves that nothing requires more strength than finding the courage to show your vulnerability.