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Greg Daniels

Space Force

The Office "Tina Fey, Conan O'Brien"

Parks and Recreation "Bula Bula Bula"


As a television writer, creator and director, Greg has the ability to look at any character, setting or situation and reveal its uniquely funny reflection, like a man who can see a color ordinarily invisible to the normal eye.

Starting his career as a writer, Greg earned an Emmy Award for his work on Saturday Night Live. His career in TV can be traced like a pop cultural road map, writing on The Simpsons and then Seinfeld. As a series co-creator, starting with King of the Hill, Greg launched a creative comedy renaissance, adapting The Office, for which he won another Emmy, and Parks and Recreation.

By breaking the rules of traditional comedy, Greg became the architect of the smart modern American sitcom. As a director, Greg has shaped series like Hello Ladies for HBO, The Mindy Project and People of Earth, as well as his own shows, which include Space Force for Netflix, the sci-fi comedy Upload for Amazon, and the dating series My Mom, Your Dad for HBO Max. 

Under his newly-launched animation company, Bandera, co-founded with Mike Judge, Greg is writing and producing alongside Sacha Baron Cohen the upcoming animated series Chelm: The Smartest Place on Earth for HBO Max, and the new Netflix animated series Exploding Kittens and rebooting King of The Hill. Real or animated, workplaces or space races, everything Greg touches turns funny.