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Matt Reeves

The Batman - "The Bat and the Cat"

War for the Planet of the Apes

Cloverfield - "Helicopter Crash"

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

In the era of blockbusters, Matt has distinguished himself with a unique kind of genre film, featuring aliens, apes and vampires, but also deeply personal and human stories. Matt’s own narrative began at eight years old, directing his first movies with a wind-up camera featuring his neighborhood friends.

After graduating from USC film school, Matt’s career launched as a screenwriter and director, soon leading him into the world of television where he would co-create the now-classic series, Felicity. With his feature film Cloverfield, Matt subverted everything we knew about monster movies, replacing film cameras with a camcorder, and breaking not only New York City, but new ground, rewriting the rules of the genre and redefining the modern blockbuster – proving the size of a film’s budget does not need to determine its success at the box office. Stepping into the commercial world, Matt would unleash his playful imagination directing an innovative campaign for Nissan, featuring a team of 4x4’s folding – and flying – a giant paper airplane launched from an airport tarmac, setting a world record in the process.

Matt continues to infuse Hollywood’s biggest films and franchises with his own nuanced sensibilities and lived experiences. With Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes, Matt balances epic and subjective storytelling to redefine a chilling parable of just how easily humans can lose their own humanity. Matt’s unique cinematic vision, and singular style, distinguishes him as one of American cinema’s modern mythmakers.

Through visual effects and evolving technologies, Matt has been able to reinterpret classical characters, genres and themes while contemporizing their relevance, and grounding even the most fantastical with a sense of absolute realism. Matt’s recent blockbuster, The Batman, which he wrote and directed, returns to the iconic character’s grounded roots as a damaged detective, fighting his own demons alongside an emerging rogues gallery of villains across a shadowed, neo-noir nightscape of Gotham City.

Critically acclaimed and earning more than three-quarters of a billion dollars worldwide, The Batman, nominated for three Academy Awards, presents a sophisticated and psychologically complex portrait of its titular hero, set within an unrelentingly gritty and sharp-edged thriller. Matt introduces Batman as an armored vessel containing a vengeant young man whose identity has all but fused with the mask he wears, inverting the character’s historic origin to tell a story not only of Bruce Wayne learning to be Batman, but also Batman learning how to balance being Bruce Wayne. Matt will next direct Batman 2, starring Robert Pattinson and Jeffrey Wright.