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Mauro Fiore

Spider-Man: No Way Home

BMW - "Eyes on Gigi Hadid" / Puma "Forever Faster"

Chanel - "Surfer"


From his Academy Award nominated work on Training Day to shooting the ground-breaking, 3-D global phenomenon Avatar, for which he won the Academy Award, Mauro has pushed both the limits of cinematic storytelling and the edge of emerging technologies, forever changing the way movies are made and experienced.

Whether riding through the drug-controlled streets of Los Angeles, or flying over the colorful, canopied jungles of Pandora, from science fiction to superheroes, gangsters to gunslingers, assassins to soldiers, robots to race car drivers, immortals to mercenaries, Mauro’s unique visual style externalizes the danger and corruption, honor and nobility, grandeur and confinement of real and imagined worlds.

After graduating from AFI, Mauro, alongside future contemporaries like Janusz Kaminski and Phedon Papamichael, worked for legendary B movie producer Roger Corman. Mauro’s extensive credits as a cinematographer include: Security, Infinite, Mosul, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, The Magnificent Seven, Southpaw, Runner, The A-Team, Smokin’ Aces, and the Marvel hit Spider-Man: No Way Home, A Good Person, starring Florence Pugh and Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, and Madame Web, starring Dakota Johnson as the titular new Marvel superhero for Sony Pictures. Most recently Mauro wrapped on The Killer, directed by John Woo.  

In the commercial world, Mauro’s distinct eye and ability to vividly accentuate every grain of detail and texture, has brought campaigns to life for Samsung, GMC, Chanel, Audi, Puma, American Express, Jeep, Toyota, DirecTV, Comcast, Coors, Nike, NFL and BMW.