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Paul Lieberstein

State Farm / Peacock - "Home Improvement"

Nationwide "Impersonal"

The Office "Parkour"

Peacock - "Gossip"

From his Emmy Award winning work writing, producing and directing The Office to his laugh-out-loud campaigns for Nationwide and State Farm, Paul’s perfect pitch for comedy and unique brand of humor have shaped a culture-defining run of shows now considered the gold standard of half-hour comedy.

Originally from Connecticut, Paul escaped an economics degree and a day job at a law firm by writing a spec tv script that landed him a job in the writers’ room. Paul would win his first Emmy Award for his work writing and producing the acclaimed animated series King of the Hill and step up as a showrunner, writing – and ultimately directing – NBC’s now-iconic series The Office.

Along with portraying Michael Scott’s ever-bewildered arch nemesis in HR, Toby Flenderson, Paul would win his second Emmy Award, and two Writers Guild Awards, for his work on the series. Beyond The Office, Paul has directed The Mindy Project, HBO’s The Newsroom and the Netflix series Space Force, on which he also serves as an Executive Producer. Paul made his feature writing and directing debut with the feature film, Song of Back and Neck, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival starring himself, Rosemarie DeWitt and Paul Feig.

Along with all of his work in television, commercials and film, Paul’s original comedic archetype of the inept and well-intentioned will continue with his upcoming comedy Remote, a new original movie for Paramount+.