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Peter Chelsom

Jardiance - "Last Voicemail"

Berlin, I Love You

The Space Between Us

Hector and the Search for Happiness

Peter’s films remind us that the greatest journeys to find love, whether across the country, the world, and even space and time, inevitably lead us back to ourselves and a better understanding of who we really are. British born, Shakespearian-trained, actor, writer and director, Peter’s energetic and full-hearted style of storytelling is a collision of high-culture and high-concept.

Deftly balancing comedy and drama, Peter is able to walk a tonal tightrope with total grace, from  international thrillers like Netflix’s Security, to the sci-fi coming of age story The Space Between Us, starring Gary Oldman, to a lost young man, played by Jim Sturgess, rediscovering life and love with the guidance of a speaking BMW in Berlin, I Love You, to Simon Pegg traveling the world, encountering every shade of human emotion while pursuing the one thing he may have inadvertently left behind in Hector and the Search for Happiness, to Richard Gere and Stanley Tucci breaking the dull rhythms of their lives by learning a new routine on the dance floor alongside Jennifer Lopez in Shall We Dance.

Peter’s next film, The Beauty of Sharks, is about a man caught inside a confidence game on the Amalfi Coast in 1950’s Italy and stars Marco D’Amore. Next up is A Sudden Case of Christmas in which the protagonist declares that there will be no family Christmas this year and instead insists on making it Christmas right here, right now, in August. The film stars Danny DeVito, Andie MacDowell and Lucy DeVito. 

From New York, to Berlin, to London, to Hong Kong, to Italy, and as far away as colonized Mars, Peter’s films introduce universally-relatable characters each trying to find a more fulfilled version of themselves. Peter has helmed commercial campaigns for clients that have included, Jardiance, Jared, Tide, Puma, Toyota and Ferrero Rocher.